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Look what the wind blew in...I mean...out.  One doesn't actually own their trash cans because on the windy days you loose 1 or 2.  The good news is sometimes you will end up with one of your neighbor's cans which might be better that yours or uh oh worse than yours. So here is the drill; if you know when you gain a trash who it belongs to then you return it with a smile and see if they might have yours.  It is not always easy if they have real nice cans.  Now when your house is to the leeward side of the wind direction that is when you will win some and loose some so to get out there quickly and get any really good ones that you can't identify and get them back in you own trash bin.  Yes, yes, yes you do return the ones to their rightful owner UNLESS it is a REALLY  REALLY good one.  Just kidding.  Now the lids are another story all together.  They are generally fair game for the recipient as they are harder to identify and can be found all over the neighborhood.  Trash can lid hunting has actually become a favorite local sport.  These allusive cans are made by a variety of company's...Alcoa, Acme, Wallmart... I prefer the OP know "OTHER PEOPLES".  Just for the record I have never kept another neighbors can no matter how good it was { as far as they know} as honesty is the best policy.  Just for the record the ultimate find is when one of the fly away lids actually fits one of the fly away cans.  Garbarge' nirvana.  It gets even better when you actually do find the right full owner. JUST SAYIN.

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