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Dated: 12/30/2014

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Sending your first child off to college can be an emotional experience, to say the least! Waiting 3  months to see her at Thanksgiving was almost too much to bear. However when she arrived home for the break, which also coincided with my birthday, I received the best birthday gift ever! What is this spectacular gift all mothers must have? It is a tiny little fill in the blank book called "What I Love About Mom".  Read my excerpts below and you too will know why this was the best gift EVER! 

1. I love your...ability to make every situation better

2. I love hearing stories about your...wild teen years (I'm lucky to be alive)

3. You inspire me independent

4. I love it when you call me...fruitcake

5. I'm humbled by your...ability to stay strong, despite all you've been through

6. I love remembering the time we went...Black Friday shopping with Katie at 3am

7. I'm thankful I got your...ability to always forgive

8. I love that you still...wash my sheets for me

9. I hope to be as...strong and independent as you one day

10. I am so...grateful that you never get tired of all my stupid drama (who says I don't lol)

11. I love how you never...stay mad at me

12. I love how you always...send me pictures of the dogs

13. When I was little, I loved to watch your make up in the mirror

14. If I had to describe you in one word, it would be...kick-ass (oh yeah, this mom rocks)

15. I'd love it if we could...snuggle together soon because I'm a mommy's girl

16. If you were a dance, you would be...the chicken dance (hrmph, see if I wash those sheets anymore)

17. I love getting your advice on...everything

18. You have the is it so flawless?

19. I never get tired of flashes (oy)

20. I love how you never get tired of mouth (oh you have no idea the willpower it takes)

21. You are so...beautiful, strong, comforting

22. If you were a scent you would be...sweet pea or warm vanilla sugar

23. I love that you encourage me my own thing and worry about others later

24. Sometimes your ability to...cook...amazes me (sometimes lol)

25. It makes me laugh to think how my car around like it's yours (technically I paid for half so it's half mine)

26. I'd be lost without your...advice and guidance

27. I love that you taught not take any BS from anyone (hell yea)

28. You make the best...grilled cheeses ever

29. I love how good you are at back rubs

30. When we are apart, it makes me happy to think about...your laugh that turns into a snort (does not)

31. I wish I had known you were my age

32. I love going to...dinner with you (this must be the other sometimes my cooking doesn't amaze her)

33. I love your taste

34. I hope you get to...submerge yourself in...your favorite...jacuzzi (I do love bubbles)

35. If you wanted to, you could easily...take a day off and dedicate it to yourself. You need it. (AMEN)

36. I have to admit, you're always right about...everything, mostly (Yup, my momma didn't raise no fool)

37. I love diamond used to wear (maybe for your wedding day kid)

38. I admire your dedication to...flossing, how? It hurts so bad (LOL I'm obsessed with floss, I admit it)

39. You deserve mom ever...award...obviously (I'm blushing)

40. I love the sound of your...nose blowing...when you...wake up (oy again)

41. I love that you love my...cackle (she gets that from her father's side)

42. I love to play...who's gonna get the last word in a fight...with you (obviously she never wins)

43. I can't believe you...still threaten to ground me (my house, my rules, that's right)

44. I love it when you...attempt to make used to make (they were perfect I must admit)

45. I love how you have such strong...desire to drink wine (LOL being a great mom takes its toll on a woman)

46. I always want to hear what you're going to say about...anyone. I love when you tell your gossip to me

47. It makes me smile when you...text me Good Morning/Night

48. I love things around the house for you. You deserve it. (Thanks but I'm not usually the one making the mess!)

49. Nobody else can...give big warm you

50. Thank you for...never giving up on me and always pushing me to be the best (you come from good stock kid)

So the next time you're thinking about dropping a ton of $$$$ on that perfect gift, remember...the best gifts come from the heart :)

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