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One of my favorite parts of being a realtor is hearing my clients express their surprise at the cost of homes and the cost of living. As you can imagine, a lot of time is spent with a client driving around exploring neighborhoods and touring homes. I hear all kinds of commentary, but recently a client remarked how prices in the 1970s were so much more reasonable. Having been born in 1989, there was little I could contribute in terms of feedback. Hence, the origin of this article. Below please find a comparison of prices from the 1970s to the present:

                                                         1970’s Average                  Present Day

First Class stamp:                                    $ .06                               $ .49

   Dozen eggs                                            $ .59                               $2.99

   Gallon of Milk                                        $ .62                               $3.59

                        Image title

                                                                             1973 Country Squire Wagon

 Automobile                                              $4,200                                 $32,517

Automobile tire                                            $ 13                                    $ 63

Gallon of Gas                                               $ .36                                    $2.48

Wrangler Blue Jeans                                    $ 10                                    $ 38

Video Game Cartridge                                $ 20                                     $ 55


Image title

                                                                                        Atari Pong 1975

Annual Tuition State College                               $800                                $31,852

Cost of home in Beach Haven West                 $23,000                            $331,200

In 1973, if you wanted to see a movie in Manahawkin, one went to the Drive-In on Route 72 that accommodated planes and cars. If I want to see a movie today, I simply stream it on my phone, iPad, or computer. The prices may be more these days, but I’ll take the digital age anytime. If you are looking to rent, buy, sell, or reminisce about the good old days, then call me!

From your “Running Realtor” Andrew Gonzales (who went snowboarding this past week)….

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