Dated: 12/16/2015

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When we want to alleviate our stress, many of us take a day trip to the beach or a full blown vacation to a spot like Long Beach Island.  As soon as you hit the causeway to the shore, the stress just rolls right off of you. By the time you've reached the beach you're thinking 'what job? what bills?' and even the kids become little angels.  But how do people handle the stress of everyday life when they can't just pick up and go?  Many people resort to yoga or exercise of some type.  But there is a new stress reliever trending like wildfire.  My 75 year old mother mentioned in passing to me the other day that her neighbor friends invited her to a coloring get together.  That's right!  With coloring books and all.  Ridiculous I thought.  But, not so, to literally thousands of adults.  Barnes and Noble carries Adult Coloring Books as stress relievers.  You can find Color Therapy books in Target and Walmart.  People are hosting parties, ABC News did a recent spot on the craze and there was an article on the subject in USA Today last month.  There are free downloadable pages on the internet as well.  So, if you're feeling a little stress this holiday season and don't have time to head to the beach, take a tip from your contented children and try a little coloring.  Maybe it will work for you too.

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