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Dated: 11/07/2016

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Top Eight Secrets of Professional Decorating

1.            Small Things Make a Big Difference

Sometimes the gentle light and the scent of a candle can transform a room instantly.

2.            Combine Style with Storage

Clutter can ruin the most perfect home décor. Combing style with storage is the solution.

3.            Skip the Sofa

For a well-designed living room, consider skipping the sofa. A collection of conversationally placed chairs can make for a better design from which small or odd-sized room will especially benefit.

4.            Lighting Can Make a Big Difference

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home design. Layer your lights. Make sure your room design includes direct light for tasks, ambient light for mood and additional lights that feature important or favorite elements.

5.            Bigger is Better

One decorating myth is that small rooms need small furniture. Take advantage of scale to make a small space look larger.

6.            Soften a Corner

If you have a corner space in a large room that needs a little something extra, consider adding plant life. A potted tree or corner shelving with smaller potted plants may soften a corner and bring beauty to a room.

7.            Use Pillows in Home Décor

When it comes to freshening up your upholstery, it is all about the pillows. Using new textures and colors can change up a space in an easy inexpensive way. Switch out the look for the seasons or the mood.

8.            Make Your Room Larger

Use mirrors to make your room appear larger. A well-placed mirror can bring reflective light into the room as well as double the visual square footage.

Post courtesy of Distinctive Living Magazine Fall 2016

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