NCAA Mens and Womens Final Fours

Dated: 04/02/2013

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Now that spring is in the air, we’ve moved the clocks ahead and Major League Baseball is underway, we can’t forget the last week of March Madness (or as I made up last year, April Insanity). This year the clock has not yet struckmidnightfor Cinderella.


On the men’s side we have a number one seed, 2 number four seeds and a number nine seed.Louisville* (1) will take onWichitaState(9) andMichigan(4) will faceSyracuse(4).


On the often overlooked women’s side, we have more top seeds but still have the chance of an underdog taking it all. U Conn* (1) battles Notre Dame* (1) andCalifornia(2) will playLouisville(5).


So far the tournament has been one of broken dreams and even a broken leg. The next three games for both the men and women should continue to be exciting. The semi’s will be April 6th and the final on April 8th for the men. For the women the semi’s April 7th and the final game on April 9th.


Best wishes to all. Play hard and do your best. Will the clock strikemidnight? We will know a week from tonight.


* Played in the 2012 Final Four.

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