NASCAR Final 4 Set To Go

Dated: 11/16/2017

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Phoenix is now history, let’s bring on Homestead-Miami. After an exciting race this past weekend. NASCAR is ready to crown a new champion. Brad Keselowski rose to take the 4th and final spot. For most of the race it appeared that Denny Hamlin was going to be the one to find the last golden ticket. Needing to finish the race, he had enough points to edge out Brad. But along came Chase Elliott. Needing to win the race, he came back working his way past car after car. Then, as if written by a good screen writer, he had to pass Hamlin. The very one that needed to pass Elliott a couple weeks ago. The result of some contact Elliott ended up in the wall, losing out on a win and accusing Hamlin of wrecking him. Was it payback or hard racing? Yes, contact and Hamlin into the wall. While it did not wreck him, it did cause an eventual tire rub and crash into the wall. Hamlin out, Chase takes the lead. Win and he’s in. Well more drama. Based on a non-pit strategy, Keselowski is working his way up the point standing. Can Chase hang in there? The short answer, no. Was it the balance of karma coming back on Chase? Along comes Matt Kenseth, winless in a year and a half & not returning to a car next year. Takes the lead and takes the win. The benefactor was Brad Keselowski. He claims the 4th spot. He joins Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick, who both won to get into the championship and Martin Truex, who made it by point accumulation.

They all start the race with a reset 5,000 point total. While it will have the traditional stages, the best finisher takes all. Who has the edge? Remember, anything can happen. We’ll have to wait and see what this week brings. Gentleman, start your engines!!!!!

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