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Dated: 02/02/2014

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I just finished my afternoon cup and feel like I can make it through the rest of the day.  I chose a hearty, extra bold, Sumatran Reserve, for my late day pick-me-up.  I enjoy the smoky, deep earth tones you get with a bean like this.  Its funny how where a coffee bean is grown can have a great effect on its taste. 

There are over 50 countries where coffee beans are grown, but the majority of coffees come from a few very industrialized countries that have not only perfect growing conditions, but also keep a consistent flavor to their beans through mass-farming, blending and quality control methods.

In Eastern Africa and the Middle East (my personal favorite), the coffee is widely considered to be outstanding, and complex.  The coffees from this part of the world can contain wonderful flavors, such as blueberries, citrus fruits, cocoa, and spices, which keep drinkers guessing.  Kenya, Ethiopia and Yemen are particular hot spots.

Latin America is the coffee powerhouse, with Brazil and Colombia growing more coffee than any other country.  The Latin American coffees are usually lighter, with a tangy quality, which makes them great for blending.  Mexico, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica also add in their own uniqueness.

Asian countries go the other way, producing a full-bodied, thicker coffee with distinct flavoring, which makes them ideal for blends that require a little deepening.  Indonesia grows most of the Asian coffee beans of quality, though Korea is also producing its fair share of the lower end of the market.

Each of these nations has their own distinct coffee flavor, and most major coffee producers actively work to keep it that way. It is frowned upon for, say, an Asian coffee grower to import Brazilian plants. 

With coffee, you can travel the world without leaving your house.  It might not be the same as sitting in a cafe in Rome with a cappuccino or taking in the sunset in Jamaica holding a mug of Jamaican Blue Mountain, but take it from me, the world is a lot more pleasant with coffee by your side.

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