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I am so excited to get into real estate career! I am so glad to find this new passion. I would like everyone who comes across this website to know me a little. A lot of people found my experience very special. I think everyone is very special in different ways! I would very much to know your stories too! 

Here is my little story!

My name is Li Baker. I moved from China about 8 years ago. I speak both Mandarin and English.

Many people live in United States are kind of curious of China’s one child Policy. here i can offer a little bit that with my background. So i come from family with a pair of parents and two sibling. It was quite unusual in my generation. Cause most of the family in that time only had one child. 

so i was born in 1981 in a small village in china, right on the time Chinese government start prompting one child-policy. Basically they said one couple should only have one child. After the first child was born, the mother needs to do the ligation surgery. But almost every family want to have  a boy.  so you would think after i was born, end of story. But my stubborn mother didn’t think so. She really want a baby boy. So after she was pregnant with my sister, she run away from our village. Cause she was on the wanted list of BCA. BCA is a birth control agency Chinese government created at that time. You know how united states has these agencies, FBI, CIA. This BCA is no good either. They take away the pregnant woman to do abortion as long as the baby is not delivered. I remember she told me the story that she was 6 months pregnant with my sister and she sneaked back to our house and just wanted to see me really quick. Somehow, the BCA got a report and they came quick and caught her right there. They were about to take her to the hospital to abort my sister. This is like really intense, she said” wait a second, i am ok to go with you guys, but i need to take my daughter to the bathroom.” They thought what else can happen? she is six months pregnant! So they were being reasonable and let her do what she need to do. She said she did take me to the bathroom( the old style chinese bathroom is usually outside the house), so she climbed over the bathroom wall and run like there is no tomorrow. She said after couple minutes, they figured out what was going on, and they were chasing after her. So she was running,jumping trough mud and hiding in the corn field. I can only image the picture in my head. when she told me that , i was thinking that wa, my Mom was like a female version of Tom cruise in Mission Impossible, only a little bit more pregnant. :)  So it was quite intense, cause it was my sister’s life or death.

Anyway, she had quite a story, actually two, cause my sister turned out to be a girl. So she did again and God finally gave a boy for my family 3 years later after my sisiter! Haleluya! So my mom ended her run around life and my father was released from the BCA farm camp.  we started living in a normal life.  when i was 8  years old, China started this so called economic reform, so people were allowed to have their own business. My father was pretty smart and soon got a business started and our life began to get better. I remember when i was about 10 years old, So it is about 1991,my parents bought a black-white TV. It was not colored, but back then It was a very fancy stuff in our village.

Education is a very important part for almost every family in China. Because at my generation there were only 25% percent of kids have chance to the college. It was much better than my parents’ generation though. Their rate is 2%.  unlike american education system, they don’t count any sports credit, they only look at your academy preformance. So kids in China start competing early in their age. When i was 8 years old, the kids in the same age all started an 9 hours school day.  Students are separated  in different high schools according to their score. So high score ones are accepted to the best high school, medium scores go to different ones, the lowest scores students are all put into the worst high school, which means there is no chance to go to college, but you can get the high school diploma at the graduation. It is pretty brutal, even for the best score students.I went to the best high school in our county. It wasn’t so awesome!  You see everyone is good. suddenly you are not so good anymore. And we were buried in the books and never ending tests. The good news is i did survived and went to college. I chose Hotel and Tourism Administration since from High school my English was pretty outstanding. So when i graduated, i work as an full time contract tour leader for three years. I work with the tourism groups from other English speaking countries. I had a lot of fun meeting people from different countries of the world and had chance touring around China. so i was living in a small 3 million people city.  i had this cool job,Speaking good english. So at the end of 2007, when i first moved here, i was surprised how little people could understand my English. I am speaking English, but it sounds like they are speaking a different language. I didn’t know i was speaking ChinEnglish. That’s why i couldn’t understand people here either. So in the beginning it was a lot of confusion and frustration. I couldn’t drive, i couldn’t speak well. I couldn’t leave my house. Back then I was living in a countryside farm house in York PA. I remember calling my mom” mom, i can not even leave the house, cause i don’t  know how to get back! “ My mom thought she was smart, so she said” if you can’t find your way back, why don’t you try to ask other people? You do have a mouth you know” I told her “ mom, there is no one around, there are only a few cars driving by,  only horses and cows seems available for chatting but I don’t think they will have any idea what i am taking about!”

So i finally start learning driving. No body taught me. But i think if i want to be functional by myself, i got to learn these basic stuff. So i finally got the courage to get in the car and try to drive by myself. I started easy, From Country road, then on the busy road, then high way. I guess people here often making fun of Asian people don’t know how to drive. In some way, it is true and i agree with you all!  But i assure that behind every Bad Asian Driver, there is a story. Anyway, Thank God, I didn’t get myself killed or no one was injured by me. So after i can drive a little bit,  I was trying to find a job after living in US for a year. It was a funny story too. One of my neighbor knew a Chinese lady working in a dental office as dental assistant. I met her once briefly and she called me couple days after our first meeting. She asked if i am interested in working in her dental office. She was scheduled to go to Europe with her husband three days later and the other assistant supposed to cover her while she was away  just quit and left with no notice. She couldn’t cancel her trip with a total refund. So she suggested she would train me for two days and cover her while she was on vacation. Though i knew nothing about dentistry, i thought if she think i can do it, i should be able to manage it. So three days later, she jumped on the airplane to Europe and one week later i didn’t choke any patients. The dentist was happy with my work. So after she came back from vacation, i worked there as an part-time dental assistant. I pursued couple dental programs and certified with advanced skills in dentistry later on and making pretty good salary. Two years later, i moved to another town and still worked in dental office. One day one of my new co-workers was curious and was asking me that “ So since you are Asian, i have  question, why most people working in the nail salon are Asians? “ I was like discovered a new world!  I really didn’t know any Asian people in that town. I said “ where are the Asian people? i never been to a nail salon! So i asked her to take me to the nail salon she goes. I remember walking into that little salon. There were only two asian ladies working there with two tables and two pedicure chairs. I noticed the license hanging on the wall. Back then, i was working 12 hours a day in that office. I had no time off and hardly see any sunlight at my free time. So i thought i can totally do this nail salon thing myself! so i googled nail tech programs around me and used all my free time to finished the program and got my license. After working in the nail salons during the weekends for half a year. I felt i was ready to own my own salon. So one day in February of 2013 when i was looking through some stuff on Criaglist, i saw this salon for sale on long beach island. At that time  i thought  long beach island was long island. I was wondering why it is not in New York, but in New jersey. Followed my intuition, i made the appointment to drive here to met the owner. I had no idea where New Jersey was. So I typed the address in the GPS. since the salon is on the beach, i thought i will see some plum trees when i got here. But 3 and half hours later, i was on the island and saw no plum trees, only pine trees around! It turned out the owner was really worried about how Sandy is going to impact the business on the island, plus she is 7 months pregnant with her second child. she wanted to be out.  So It worked out perfectly for me. two months later, i quit my dental job,  packed my stuff, grabbed my dog and we moved to the island. The salon business was very successful. I made more money than when the previous owner was in business.  At the end of my first year, i bought another salon on the island. After three years growing and learning,i met a lot of local people here who support me and made felt so warm!  I realized that life is always growing and on the way of becoming! Making people beautiful and happy feels great. But I deeply felt that i have other talents and quality that can i can offer to the people in our community.  So I decided to be an real estate agent and keeping my salon on the side. 

I thought real estate might be boring when i first started.. But one month later, i found great passion in this area! It is a people business and i love dealing with people and exchange information. I love helping people. This is the business that plug people and information together! 

I am big animal lover. I love traveling! I attached couple photo of my trips here for you too!

So my dear friends, if there is anything i can share with you, please let me know!Image titleImage titleImage titleImage title

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