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Dated: 11/18/2016

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Not Dishwasher Safe
HomeDishwashers are big time-savers in most busy households, but not everything in your kitchen can withstand the high heat and detergent. 

Cast iron will lose its seasoning in the dishwasher. While the pan is still hot or warm, wash it by hand using hot water and a sponge or stiff brush, then towel dry. Stubborn residue may be loosened by boiling water in the pan. 
Good knives can dull in the dishwasher, so hand-washing them is best. 
Wood utensils can warp from high heat. And cutting boards with glued pieces can heat up, expand and separate. 
Insulated mugs can separate at seams, allowing water into chambers that are supposed to contain only air. 
Nonstick pans can lose their coatings, and are usually a dishwasher no-no. Double check manufacturer instructions. 
Anything of value, including family heirlooms, crystal, china or tableware with gold plating, should be hand-washed ... just in case. 
Copper pans should be hand-washed, or the color could transform from shiny penny to rusty cent. 
Plasticware typically warps and changes shape, unless the manufacturer says otherwise. 
Disposable aluminum items like lasagna and turkey pans can shed material creating a black residue on the pan and everything else in the dishwasher. These are best thrown out after use. 
Cheese graters are best washed by hand because the water in a dishwasher typically isn't concentrated enough to clean between those tiny spaces. 
Pet bowls may contain germs that could be unfriendly to other family members. 
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