Happenings On LBI Kite Festival Halloween And Hurricane Matthew Watch

Dated: 10/06/2016

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The fall season is in full swing and things are moving swiftly.  Of course unless one is under a rock it is hard not to be aware of Hurricane Matthew, the gigantic 400 mile wide hurricane which has already left a wake of destruction in Haiti  and Cuba.  It is currently drilling the Bahamas with the southeastern United States its next target, starting with eastern Florida.  Each time a hurricane or for that matter a tropical storm forms and hits the news,  the critical question of where will this one go sits forefront in your mind.  Followed almost immediately by the second question of , will this be another Sandy?  As these storms churn in tropical waters it is hard not to become glued to the Weather Channel, craving the latest updates to see if the storm has intensified and if its path of potential destruction has altered.  And there is the thankful sigh upon hearing that this one is no threat to New Jersey.    

While it is only normal to breathe a sigh of relief around the storm track, it is also accompanied by the immediate sympathy and heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the folks who are in the path.  Perhaps more than others who have not been affected by a storm, any New Jersey resident who suffered with Sandy will have intense empathy for what the folks in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas are going through as they make preparations and evacuate.  Very thankfully, it seems that emergency agencies are doing a super job in terms of ensuring preparedness and executing safe evacuations.    

By the way, as a quick aside and not to make light of the storm, but how often do we see a projected path doing a loop like a roller coaster at Six Flags?  Talk about a truly wild tropical system.

Tearing my focus away from the hurricane, there are some exciting events lining up this month on LBI.   The 2nd Annual LBI Fly International Kite Festival will start soaring aloft on October 7th and concluding on October 10th. Here is a link to their home page to get more information:


On October 22nd in Beach Haven the Fall Festival will be taking place from 11AM - 5PM.   This will be a fun celebration of fall with numerous activities for the whole family to enjoy.  Here is another link to see more:  http://www.beachhavenevents.org/#our-story

Oh, and of course trick or treating is not far away.   It is time to get your costume ready!  

Have a great October everyone!  For those soon to be affected by the storm, I hope it all goes as well as it can, be safe.  

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