Grilling the Perfect Burger

Dated: 09/01/2012

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Here are a few tips on grilling the perfect burger.

 1. Keep the meat cold  Make the patties a few hours prior to cooking.  Put back in the fridge.  This will keep them nice and firm through the cooking process.  The ground beef should have anywhere from 10-15% fat content.  This will make for juicy firm burgers.  

2. Go easy on the seasoning.  No reason to over season the burgers.  I use a little bit of sea salt, pepper, and onion powder to give them a little additional flavor.

3.  Brush both sides of burger.  I use olive oil.  Not only does it add another flavor, but also prevents the burgers from sticking to the grill

4.  WARNING:  DO NOT PRESS DOWN ON THE BURGERS WITH THE SPATULA!  All the juice that you worked so hard to maintain in the burger will be oozing into the fire of the grill!

5. Move the Burger around.  After the burger has been grilling for 2-2 1/2 mins., give it a quarter turn.  This will give the awesome grill marks that we all love and also make sure the meat is grilling evenly.  When there are spots of blood on top of the burger, and the sides are turning a nice even brown, it is time to flip.

6.   Leave an area of the grill free.  This will allow you to move the burgers off of any real hot spots on the grill, or in the event of a flare up your burger will not become a charcoal briquette.

7. Thouroughly cook the burger.  A good tempature to cook a burger to is 160 degrees.  Medium-medium well.  There are other options to keep your burger juicy even if you like it well done.  Butter placed on the top of the burger during the cooking process, or adding cheese to the center of the burger before it is cooked are good ways to maintain a juicy burger and also add wonderful flavor,

8 Give the burger a break!  After cooking, let the burger sit for a while.  This will set the burger up to hold all the juice inside.

Last but not least, prepare all the fixins for that burger, and grill the bun slightly.  This will take the burger to a whole new level.


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