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Dated: February 3 2015

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I recently wrote an article for a local board of Realtors explaining the importance of advertising on Facebook. So for you who want exposure to something... a product, new information, a business start-up or an event this may be helpful for you to read.

In our business and many others, social media is a must! There are currently 1.23 billion monthly active users, 945 million mobile users, and 757 million daily users. If you’re not tapping into this market you’re losing out. However this comes with the same advertising restrictions as with any in real estate. All this sounds great, but let me point out the downside.

Because people share many things socially, you have to be careful what you post or share. You wouldn’t want to advertise that a home is vacant or empty. Also, if you miss an appointment with someone, or for some reason they end up not liking the service you’ve provided, they could share with THE WORLD what happened…not a good scenario.

So below are some “best practices” I’ve learned and use daily. Use them if you want, visit my page and have a look also. http://facebook.com/barnegatnjhomes I’ve had mine custom designed by a company in California named FanZappy. Lee Wang the owner has been very helpful and is a genius in social media. Lee and his team will be glad to help you too get moving on a social campaign. You can find them at http://fanzappy.com

Best Practices

  • Post something real estate related once or twice a week (but not buy this home now, call me, I’m the greatest or things of that nature) Home decorating ideas, upcoming community events, recipes, how to fix small things and stuff like that.

  • Once or twice a week post something to do with a local business where you might frequent (but not a place where you’ll be drinking shots and beers) like a place where you can have a great slice of pizza, burger or inexpensive family meal.

  • Post something with a question and a photo. If you post a picture of a beautiful bathroom and ask if people would like this to be their bathroom, or something looking in the mountains, golf course, ocean or bay and ask; would you like to live here?

You’re looking to get people engaged who will share it with their Facebook friends. Many things go viral, so be careful and get busy posting! If anyone would like more information, I’d be happy to share what I know.


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