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Dated: 12/31/2016

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I just wanted to share an idea that I saw on the internet before the holidays.  We decided to buy a couple of the laser light displays to decorate our house for the holidays.  These lights project laser lights on the house and have several settings that control motion and color combinations.  Since you place these out a distance from the house the have to be connected to an extension cord.  I researched a way to water proof the connection to the laser light fixture to the extension cord and saw that they sell a plastic sleeve that you place the connection in and close it shut.  This seems fine but it didn't seem big enough for the heavy duty outdoor extensions cord and the laser light cord that had a transformer on the plug.   I saw this clever use of the food containers (not the Styrofoam ones) that you get from a restaurant whether from take out or for the taking home your food as a dogie bag, these are free so are more economical to use than a tupperware container that you have in the cupboard.  I used both because I needed something deep to use for the extension cord with multiple plugs and the transformer to be enclosed.  All you do is cut a "V" on each side of the container ( wide enough for the cords to enter & exit) and lay the connection in it and then close the lid shut.  Voila, a water tight container for electrical connections.  You can set the container on the top of something like a patio stone to keep it off the ground.  It rained quite heavily a few days and I found  the containers to be bone dry after I opened the lid to see if there was any water in them.  Below is a couple of photos to give you an idea:

Image titleImage title

Image title

Image title

Please be careful anytime that you connect electrical lights outside, risk of electrical shock may occur!!!

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