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For those of you who are a fan of Donna Leon's Inspector Brunette series, you must savor Barbara Nadel's Inspector Cetin Ikmen. Ikmen and his crime solving team are located in that glowing jewel on the check of the Bosphorus; Istanbul. The meeting place for east and west for the last 4 millennia swirls with modern day politics and intrigue, infusing the plots with Turkish history and culture. With a strong group of supporting characters; and ala Maigret, a long suffering wife; Inspector Ikmen and his partner Detective Suleyman work their way some difficult cases with the help of strong tea and plenty of cigarettes. Supported by old friend and forensic pathologist Dr. Sarkissian as well as female police detective Ayse Farsakoglu the cases they work on touch on everything from devil worship to honor killings by you girls families. What is nice that all plot related topics are treated intelligently with current Turkish diversity in opinion, due to the fact that the writer is a long time resident there from Britain.

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