Elevation Grants Available For Beach Haven Long Beach Township And Surf City Homeowners

Dated: 04/01/2017

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Beach Haven, Long Beach Township and Surf City are preparing to supervise implementation of a round of house-raising grants, as explained in a letter set to go out to homeowners in those three Long Beach Island municipalities. To participate in the program, property owners in Beach Haven and Surf City must respond to the clerk’s office in their respective town, and those in Long Beach Township should respond to the building department, by April 28.

“Applicants are not required to have flood insurance in place at the time of the application,” states the letter from town engineer Frank Little, of Owen, Little and Associates. “However, upon completion of the project, flood insurance must be obtained and remain in effect.”

The township has investigated the “requirements of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program in order to ensure full compliance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the New Jersey State Police Office of Emergency Management regulations,” Little writes. “At this time we are ready to proceed.”

To obtain reimbursement, according to program requirements, property owners will retain an architect, price the project and oversee the work in coordination with their contractor in accordance with the program regulations.

The municipalities’ involvement in the administration of the project will include completion of the initial application and preliminary review of the architect’s investigation of the structure, scope of work and estimated costs to ensure compliance with funding eligibility and cost effectiveness.

Following completion of architectural plans, the towns will perform a review of contractor pricing to ensure cost effectiveness in relation to the program requirements, and to inform the homeowners of the amount of reimbursement to which they are entitled. “The use of prevailing wages is not required,” Little states. “Upon satisfactory completion of steps one and two above, the owner/contractor shall obtain building permits and begin the project.

“The owner shall provide a price breakdown for the contractor’s work based on the inspection schedule required by the building department. The 75 percent reimbursement to the homeowner will be based on the total eligible cost of work in the project, including architectural and municipal administration fees. The administrative fee is estimated at 4-5 percent of the eligible project costs. Based on this reimbursement process the homeowner will be required to finance the project in its entirety and will receive the 75 percent reimbursement upon completion of the work, evidenced by the issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the building department.”

Additional information on structure elevation is available on the township website, longbeachtownship.com.

To receive reimbursement, homeowners must have completed all work and obtained the CO within approximately two years.

“HMGP/FEMA has not provided an estimated application approval date,” Little explains. “Based on our past experience, it may take six months to a year before you receive approval to proceed.”

Homeowners who wish to proceed under the established guidelines should return a signed and notarized copy of the letter to the municipal building department before by April 28, along with the following information: project owner’s name, physical address and contact information; preliminary estimate of the cost to elevate the structure; current elevation of the lowest floor and proposed elevation of the elevated floor; flood certificate for existing structure; type of foundation (slab on grade, crawl space, basement or open foundation) and the proposed elevation method and standard; photos of existing home exterior; a non-refundable application processing fee of $250 made payable to Owen, Little and Associates.

Owen, Little and Associates will be responsible for reviewing the information provided and preparing the formal funding application submission.

Direct any questions to Owen, Little and Associates at 732-244-1090. Based on the anticipated number of inquiries, calls will be returned within two days.

Article courtesy of www.thesandpaper.net— Juliet Kaszas-Hoch

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