Dune Grass Planting On Long Beach Island New Jersey

Dated: October 5 2013

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Long Beach Island New Jersey

Long Beach Island is a beautiful barrier island off the southern coast of New Jersey. Known for its white sandy beaches, exciting summer activities and family atmosphere, Long Beach Island (or LBI as it is known) is truly a wonderful place to call home. Unfortunately, Long Beach Island is subject to storms such as the powerful Nor’Easters that come through and hurricanes as was demonstrated by Hurricane Sandy at the end of October 2012. One of the best protections available are the system of natural and engineered dunes that line the coast of Long Beach Island. This dune system is essential to the protection of the area and one of the best ways to ensure the continued strength of the dune is through Dune Grass Planting on Long Beach Island New Jersey.

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Nathan Colmer

LBI Office 12800 Long Beach Blvd Beach Haven Terrace NJ 08008 I have lived on LBI my entire life and am actually the 4th generation in my family to do so. This have given me a deep knowledge base ....

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