Do It Yourself Or Hire A Professional

Dated: January 30 2019

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According to the National Association of Realtors recent 2019 Remodeling Impact Report:  Do it yourself (DIY) 47% of all home projects are done by the renter or owner & 56% of projects for a pet are DIY.  Deciding to remodel or renovate a part of your property will help in making a house feel fresh and will additionally add value if it eventually goes on the market.

The first big decision you will make is whether to choose to use a professional or do it yourself.  Both DIY and professional work projects are done on the inside.  The largest project that was reported were bathroom renovations, 25% hired a professional, while 26% did it themselves.  Kitchen upgrades were second with 19% doing it themselves and 17% hired a professional.  Complete Kitchen renovations ranked third with 16% hiring a pro while only 9% did it themselves.

Exterior popular projects were number one, roofing where 39% hired a pro and 35% did it themselves.  Replacing wood or vinyl widows came in second in which 17% hired a pro and 24% did it themselves.  Coming in third was replacing Vinyl siding with 9% doing it themselves and 16% hired a professional.

A surprise to me was that those who completed the projects themselves reported a higher "JOY SCORE" compared to those that hired a professional.  81% of those that completed the project themselves felt a major sense of accomplishment while only 73% felt the same way.

A fenced yard for their pet was the most common project.  52% hired a pro while only 37% did it themselves.  Installing laminate flooring  was another popular project that were more than likely completed by a professional and a dog door which was completed by a do it you selfer. 

"JOY SCORE" for pet projects resulted in DIY had 9.4% while those that hired a pro score 9.3%.  Increased enjoyment was close to 80% for those that hired a pro while only 58% of DIY felt satisfied.

These stats show it is pretty evenly divided on whether you hire a pro or DIY so if your up to tackling a remodeling project go ahead and do will most likely give you a feeling of satisfaction and add to the value of your home if you decide to sell it..... 


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