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Dated: October 1 2015

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I recently watched an episode of "Translogic" on the Velocity Channel about the Detroit Bicycle Company. This company is making great strides into reviving the City of Detroit. His company cuts, copes, bends, welds, paints, assembles, and packages each bike in a 50,000 square-foot factory in west Detroit. Detroit bike company is helping a once bankrupt city start over again. Like Henry Ford, his best selling bike is the "Model A". All their bikes come in one color, matte black! The master builder of these awesome looking machines is none other than Henry Ford II, yes you heard it right, Henry Ford II. Due to the the lack of city transportation, this company has found their business to be a great success. They do a tremendous amount of "giving back" to the City. One of the coolest things was the manufactured a "trike" with a BBQ grill on the back and they cook meals for the less fortunate. They drive this bike to different neighborhoods and cook on site! There are many bike clubs, one of which is named "Slow Roll Detroit". They too are doing amazing things for the City. If you'd like to know more about Detroit Bikes check out their webpage at or want to watch the episode i watched check out or check out the bike club

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