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Christmas Trivia for Children, Adults and Geniuses

The Christmas dinner has been served, the presents have been unwrapped.  Uncle Todd is taking his after dinner nap in the Lazy Boy, the children are fighting over their new toys and you are so exhausted you don’t feel you will be able to move until New Years---it’s time for some trivia fun.  Put the family into small groups, or just ask some questions individually, or put the children against the adults. The questions are divided into four groups -- adults, children, very young children and since there is always one or two in the bunch - there are some geniuses’ questions too. 


1.    A trough or box carved in stone or wood that is used to hold food for animals in a stable.

2.    Name the gifts the wise men brought.

3.    In what language was “Silent Night” originally written?

4.    How many hours on Christmas Eve does Santa have to deliver his gifts?

5.    According to tradition, how many days after Christmas did the wise men come to the stable?

6.    Who was sick in the story “A Christmas Carol?”

7.    How many ghosts visit Scrooge?

8.    What kind of angels told the shepherds about the birth of Christ?

9.    What visions danced in the children’s head in the poem “A Night Before Christmas?”

10.                       In the song “Little Drummer Boy”, who did the boy ask if he could play his drum?

11.                       What was Joseph’s profession?

12.                       In the Movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” what happens when a bell rings?

13.                       What does Santa mean?  As in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Antonio, Santa Lucia

14.                       What is the name of the Jewish Festival of Lights that is celebrated in December?

15.                       Which reindeer has the same name as a kitchen cleanser?

16.                       What does Alvin want for Christmas?

17.                       In  what town did Jesus become an adult?

18.                       In “Walking in a Winter Wonderland,” what could the couple do in town?

19.                       What are frankincense and myrrh?

20.                       According to tradition and the song, what were the colors of the Three Wise Men’s skin?

21.                       Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem?

22.                       What was Scrooge’s first name?

23.                       Who wrote a “Christmas Carol?”


1.    In the book The Polar Express what gift does the little boy ask for?

2.    What animal does Mary ride into Bethlehem?

3.    Who is Rudolf’s father?

4.    Where did mommy kiss Santa Clause?

5.    In the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, what are the maids doing?

6.    What roast on an open fire?

7.    In a “Miracle on 34th Street”, what department store did Santa work in?  It has a Thanksgiving Day Parade.

8.    According to the song, what can you rock around?

9.    According to the song where did Frosty take the children with a broom stick in his hand?

10.                       Who got left alone in the movie “Home alone?”

11.                       What was in Frosty’s hat?

12.                       Who said in a "Christmas Carol", “Bah Humbug!”

13.                       In what town was Jesus born?

14.                       On the fifth day of Christmas what was given on the 5th day?

15.                       In the poem “The Night Before Christmas” where did Santa put his finger to go up the chimney?

16.                       Who was the reindeer trainer?

17.                       Which reindeer has a bow?

18.                       What did the elf who left Santa’s place want to become?

19.                       What is the drink that is made of egg, sugar and milk? 

20.                       “There arose such a clatter; I sprang to my bed to see what was the matter?  What was on the roof?

21.                       Who said, “I’ll be back again someday.”

22.                       What brought Frosty back to life?

23.                       What song means missing noise when it is dark out?

24.                       In the song, “All I Want for Christmas” what did the child want?

Very Young Children—if the child is very, very young, hints come after the question

1.    Who stole Christmas? --- He’s green and has a dog

2.    According to the song, what does Santa have to check twice?  Sing--He’s making a what and checking it twice.

3.    When you are going over the river and through the woods, whose house are you going to?  She is your mom’s mom

4.    In “The Grinch that Stole Christmas” what was the Grinch’s reindeer? Many people have them as pets.

5.    What should you leave on the kitchen table for Santa to eat because he is very hungry from his long trip?   Tell the child their favorite kind.

6.    Who has a corn cob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made of coal?  He is made of snow.

7.    Name the little person who helps Santa.

8.    What is the color of Santa’s hair?

9.    What color is Rudolph’s nose?

10.                       How many Wise Men came to give gifts?  Show how many fingers

11.                       What shook on Santa like a bowl full of jelly?  Point

12.                       What does Santa want little girls and boys to be in order to get his gifts?

13.                       In the song, what are the halls decked with? Sing the song

14.                       What do children open on Christmas morning?

15.                       Poor Charlie Brown.  He had something that was too small and could not even hold one Christmas ornament.  What did Charlie Brown have?  Point to it


1.    Translate-- come all ye faithful into Latin.

2.    In the song “We Three Kings” where are the wise men from?

3.    Traditionally what does the candy cane represent?

4.    According to legend what can the animals do on midnight of Christmas Eve?

5.    Who was the original singer of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree?”

6.    Who was Scrooge’s partner?

7.     What war inspired the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas?”

8.    What are marsh wharts?

9.     Name the movie that was about Macy’s and Santa.

10.  Put a name in the editorial “Yes, _________, there is a Santa Clause.

11.  After Jesus, Mary and Joseph left Bethlehem, where did they go?

12.  What does advent mean?

13.  What war ended on December 24, 1814

14.  What are round oval candies filled with fruit preserves covered with chocolate called?

15.  What cowboy singer, actor, first sang “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer?”

16.  In 1984, what was the most popular doll gift?

17.  What kind of pudding is wanted in “Wish You a Merry Christmas?”

18.  What river did Washington cross on Christmas Eve?

19.  What song do people stand when the chorus starts to sing?

20.  What early seventies football star was born on Christmas.  If your geniuses are not sports fans tell them the first name is Larry.

Have fun!  Merry Christmas!



1.      Manger

2.      Gold frankincense myrrh

3.      German

4.      24

5.      12

6.      Tiny Tim

7.      4, Most people forget Scrooges partner

Bob Marley

8.      Herald

9.      Sugarplums

10.  Mary

11.  Carpenter

12.  An angel gets its wings

13.  Saint

14.  Hanukah

15.   Comet

16.  His 2 front teeth

17.  Nazareth

18.  Get married

19.  Incense

20.  “2 were white and the other one black”

21.  Ebenezer

22.  Charles Dickens


1.      a bell from Santa’s sleigh

2.      mule

3.      Donner

4.      Under the mistletoe

5.      Milking

6.      Chestnuts

7.      Macy’s

8.      Christmas Tree

9.      Down to the village

10.  Kevin

11.  rabbit

12.  Scrooge

13.  Bethlehem

14.  5 golden rings

15.  On his nose

16.  Comet

17.  Cupid

18.  dentist

19.  Eggnog

20.  Santa and his sleigh

21.  Frosty

22.  Hat

23.  Silent Night

24.  Two front teeth

 Young Children

1.      Grinch

2.      Who is naughty or nice

3.      Grandmother’s  house

4.      Dog

5.      Cookies

6.      Frosty the Snowman

7.      Elf

8.      White

9.      Red

10.  3

11.  Belly

12.  Be good

13.  Holly

14.  Presents

15.  Christmas tree


1.      Adeste Fideles

2.      Orient

3.      A staff, a shepherd’s crook, they would hook the sheep to get them were they wanted them to go

4.      Talk

5.      Brenda Lee

6.      Bob Marley

7.      WWII

8.      Cranberries

9.      Miracle on 34th Street

10.  Virginia

11.  Egypt

12.  Coming

13.  War of 1812

14.  Sugarplums

15.  Gene Autry

16.  Cabbage Patch

17.  Figgy

18.  Delaware

19.  Halleluiah Chorus

20.  Csonka 

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