Best Month To List Your Home For Sale On Long Beach Island

Dated: January 28 2016

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The two graphs below show the Number of Sales on the South-end and North-end of the island. The stats below portray a  clear pattern of buyer activity.  The first graph shows sales for the South-end of the island which includes Ship Bottom down to Holgate. The second graph reflects Surf City through Barnegat Light. Traditionally, experts say to avoid putting a home on the market around the holidays and dead of winter however these graphs show buyers are buying in November and December. With the exception of November 2012 that saw the lowest number of sales in history right after Hurricane Sandy. Across the board, Spring is a great time to list your home for sale, starting in March we see a strong, consistent upswing in sales!      

The proof is in the numbers! 

    South-End Sales 2010-2015
Southend # of Sales from 2010-2015



 North-End Sales 2010-2015

Image title

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