Are You Prepared For The Morris Boulevard Bridge Closure Part 2

Dated: October 24 2019

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Are You Prepared for The Morris Boulevard Bridge Closure, PART 2

Okay, I'll be the first person to say it, I CAN NOT wait for the bridgework to be done.  It's not so much the inconvenience of the traffic situation as it is the noise for me. I'm saying that now because I can actually still get in and out on Morris Blvd, but not for long.  There's nothing more annoying than the sound of a jackhammer or one of those high pitched, squealing saws used to cut blacktop when you're trying to occasionally work from home.   Living so close to the bridge provides a new adventure each and every day. From getting out of my shower on the second floor of my home and seeing a man in a bucket working on the telephone pole right outside of my window (which I wasn't prepared for) to meeting Stafford Township's most friendly police officer, and, no, I didn't catch his name ...haha.  

Earlier in the week, a big, portable sign was placed just before the bridge heading towards Route 72 flashing "USE DETOUR, BTIDGE CLOSED, ON OR ABOUT 10/28/19".  Yes, I do know how to spell bridge and, yes, someone didn't proof their work before leaving the sign. Today, just around 7 am, a construction trailer was wheeled into the cul-de-sac where everyone makes their u-turns, so be aware. All in all, it hasn't been that bad.  All of the workers have been super-polite and accommodating to me and my family especially the two employees of the traffic control company. 

According to a recent article in, the bridge will close on Monday, 10/28/2019 and work will take about 180 days.  The waterway under the bridge will stay open during the construction.

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