Are You Moving To Another State

Dated: July 9 2017

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So You Are Moving to Another State

For whatever reason, you have made the decision to move to another state. Moving alone can be a very stressful situation but relocating to another state brings that stress to a completely different level, but only if you allow it. I can attest to this as I have moved many times and have lived in several states including California, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Illinois.

In fact, as of this writing, I am a week away from making another move from Chicago, Illinois to Charleston, South Carolina. I would say that I’m a near expert in moving from state to state and I have developed a checklist that keeps me sane during my transitions.

I hope you find the moving tips below to be a valuable resource as you make your own relocation to another state. Just know that moving is only as stressful as you make it out to be.

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The number one tip that I want to share with you as you prepare to move, and I can’t stress this enough, is to do it yourself. Get quotes from several truck rental companies, such as U-Haul, Penske, Ryder, and others that provide a similar service.

When you are requesting quotes you will have to know the dates that you plan to make your move. To get the best rates, try to avoid renting a moving truck at the end of the month. This is when most people try to do the same thing and the rates skyrocket due to demand.

The best dates are on weekdays and at least after the first of the month. Two things that can make this the best time to move. First, demand is low, and second you are transporting product to a new location that is probably in need.

Also, don’t forget to negotiate with the rental truck company. If you get a lower rate from one company but have better trust and brand recognition with another, then let that company know you received a better quote. You have nothing to lose and the possibility of getting a reduced quote.

And one more thing, if you need help moving and loading your rental truck then don't fret, most of these rental companies can refer you to local teams you can hire for the day to do all the heavy lifting and loading. You will do the driving but that's as easy as driving your own car. And once you get to your new location, you can hire a team there to do the unloading and all the heavy stuff. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Things to do a Month Before You Move

  • Get rid of the clutter. This is the perfect time to go through all of your belongings and the things you have collected over the years and find them new homes, not your new home. Have a yard sale or even an estate sale, and anything that doesn't sell you can donate to a worthy charity and get a receipt for your donation to use with yo

  • Decide on if you are going to hire a moving company or do it yourself. If you're a do it yourself kind of person like me then you want to get quotes from several moving truck rental companies. Also, if you need help most of these companies can refer you to local helpers at both locations. This can be of real help if you're moving to a location where you don't have friends or family to help unload. Plus, the sooner you reserve your rental truck the better chance you will have that the company will have the product ready on your selected move date.

  • Start collecting your boxes. You can purchase new ones from the truck rental companies or you can find them for free on The best time to get free boxes is just after the first of the month. Most people move at the end of the month and then start unpacking and need to get rid of all their boxes.

Things to do At Least a Week Before You Move

  • If your bank is a regional bank then you will want to open an account with a national bank chain before you move. This way you will never lose access to your money and also you will not have to worry about those pesky ATM fees for using an out of network machine.

  • If you have prescriptions then make sure your doctor can call them in to a new pharmacy. Many pharmacies have a national presence, like the ones with Walgreens, CVS, and even Walmart. It's better to do this before the move than to let it slip your mind and then scramble to get it done when you most need your medicines.

  • Make arrangements for your pets. Will they be traveling with you? Do you have their needs handy such as a leash, food, water, vitamins and medicines.

  • Draw out a floor plan of your new home, this way when you can organize and load your moving truck with a little bit of order. When you unload the truck, you're not going to be tripping over boxes and furniture left in your way.

  • Pack all your important documents, medicines, and other items that you need ready access to or use every single day in the same box and keep it in an easy to locate position on the moving truck. If an emergency comes up, you don't want to have to scramble through everything just to find your Kuerig.

  • Put in your Change of Address with the US postal service. It normally takes about a week for the post office to comply with your request so doing this early can really help in keeping your mail get delivered on time to your new location. But also contact your creditors and anyone else that send you mail regularly and change your address directly with them. Most of the time, you can do this within your online accounts.

  • Schedule to have your utilities turned off on the day after the move and also contact the utility companies at your new location to schedule new services. This is also a good time to evaluate your utility and other services needs, such as your cable, phone, and internet. When moving to another state, especially in a new region of the country, you will probably be dealing with an entirely new company.

Final Words

Like I mentioned earlier, moving to another state is only as stressful as you allow it to be. If you remain calm, follow these tips, and focus on the things that are important then the little stuff will not keep you from making your new transition.

Moving is an adventure so don’t forget to document it with words, pictures, and video if you can. If you plan it out right then you will not be crunched for time and you can enjoy the sites and landmarks as you travel and relocate to your new state

  • And lastly, don't forget to cancel your newspaper delivery, your landscaping service, your water bottle delivery, or any other services that are local only.

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