5 Simple Ways To Get Better Credit

Dated: 05/01/2015

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1.  Whatever your maximum amount you're allowed to charge is always pretend like it's half of that! That way you don't get close to max and you're still using it but not abusing it.

2. Always pay more than the amount shown on the bill. For example if it says the minimum is $25.00 pay $40.00. 

3. If you're not big with credit cards and don't really like to use them at least try and purchase gas or food with the card that way there is some activity on the card. No activity will give you a lower score!

4. Try not to close or cancel the card after you paid it down especially if you  had that card for a long time.  The longer you have a card the better your credit score. 

5. Less is more!!! Don't go opening cards all over the place. it is better to have 5 major cards that way you can manage them better

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