Long Beach Island 2nd Quarter Real Estate Report 2021

Dated: July 17 2021

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2nd Quarter 2021 Top Ten Highest Price Homes Sold on LBI

208 E 21st Street Long Beach Township     5/19/21   $6,000,000

16 Long Beach Blvd Long Beach Township   6/30/21   $5,100,000

144-C Long Beach Blvd Long Beach Township  6/4/21   $4,999,000

2601 S Long Beach Blvd Long Beach Township  6/11/21  $4,300,000

191 Nautilus Drive Long Beach Township  6/18/21  $3,525,000

10 Arts Lane Long Beach Township  5/19/21  $3,275,000

14 E 29th Street Barnegat Light  5/14/21  $3,075,000

4703 S Long Beach Blvd Long Beach Township  6/1/21   $3,050,000

3 E 3rd Street Beach Haven  6/15/21  $2,810.000

121 E Alabama Avenue Long Beach Township   5/25/21  $2,700,000

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Growing up on Long Beach Island, I was provided with the opportunity to enjoy a life style promoting the vibe of coastal living many find so appealing. It was a special time to be living on this isla....

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