LBI Home Improvements Before Selling

Dated: March 30 2021

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When you are selling your LBI home, why not look for home improvements that will benefit your home and offer the best possible return for your time and effort? Modern updates to your home can improve the appeal and value of your house. According to a 2019 survey, homeowners who make at least one improvement or more, are more likely to sell their home above the listing price. Home values are steadily climbing at a rapid pace, and houses are selling faster than ever, only staying on the market for an average of a few weeks. We've taken the time to put together some home upgrades that can increase your home's value, and we've also listed the cost so you can see if it is worthwhile for your particular needs.

Upgrade your Lights

Lighting is one of the critical factors when it comes to selling your home. Updating old fixtures and adding dimmer switches are simple upgrades, yet powerful. You could also replace your fixtures with smart lights controlled by an app, saving energy and making your home more appealing for a buyer. LBI homes with smart lights typically sell much faster than homes with your standard lighting options. This will typically cost around $400 to upgrade your lighting.

Replacing Faucets

Whether you have a modern or traditional-looking home, a new faucet can enhance your bathroom or kitchen. Maybe you are looking to make it a touchless faucet, which adds appeal for the Covid era, or you're looking to simply update the faucet to a new modern look. There is no right or wrong answer here; LBI homeowners need to sit down and decide what needs to be upgraded and what doesn't. Typically, replacing bathroom fixtures cost about $500.

LBI Landscaping

Since Covid hit us, a desire for more outdoor space has become a priority due to the social distancing recommendations. There is no better time to spruce up your landscaping and curb appeal. You can do this yourself, but If you do not have the time, you can find landscaping professionals and expect to pay around $2500 for your yard's up-keeping. National studies show that homes with quality landscaping can sell for 2.7% more than expected, so depending on your home's value will determine if this is worth it or not for you. And if you want to take this to a higher level, listings mentioning an outdoor kitchen sold for 4.% more than similar homes without the feature. Pick your lane and go.

Long Beach Island Real Estate Realtors, LBI Living Realtors Jason & Kristen Ciavarro , Van Dyk Group

Now that you have a nicely landscaped yard, install a fire pit to create a family-friendly atmosphere. Listings mentioning a fire pit sell 2.8% more than similar homes, according to studies. Outdoor gatherings are gaining more traction due to Covid, so why create precisely what the people are looking for when selling your home.

Long Beach Island Real Estate Realtors, LBI Living Realtors Jason & Kristen Ciavarro , Van Dyk Group
Long Beach Island Real Estate Realtors, LBI Living Realtors Jason & Kristen Ciavarro , Van Dyk Group

Paint your Door

A freshly painted door can boost your curb appeal. An outside-the-box study discovered that homes with black doors could sell up to $6000 more than similar homes. If it is in your budget, consider painting the whole exterior for a great first impression.

Going above and beyond

Anything broken or out-of-date, consider replacing before selling. This will attract a buyer much quicker compared to a more distressed property. Also, think about putting in a fence before listing your LBI home. Pet adoption rates have been on the rise in recent years, and there is no sign that this will slow down considering Covid. Studies find that homes with fenced-in yards sell much faster than homes that do not. Consider transforming your garage mudroom or even the laundry room into a dog washing station if you do have a pet. Homes that included a pet shower sold for 5% more than similar homes.

Long Beach Island Real Estate Realtors, LBI Living Realtors Jason & Kristen Ciavarro , Van Dyk Group

We hope that this overview of Home Improvements before Selling in LBI has been helpful and look forward to helping you with all your LBI Real Estate Market needs.

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Jason & Kristen Ciavarro

Long Beach Island Real Estate Realtors, LBI Living Realtors Jason & Kristen Ciavarro , Van Dyk Group

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