Home Has Become A Little More Than A House These Days

Dated: October 1 2020

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Welcoming the fall and our current "normal."

    With school starting its second session within the Covid-19 pandemic, and our out of the ordinary summer vacations come to an end, we are all reminded of the extreme importance our homes have to us all. The place we used to come back to rest and recoup after a long day of school/work have now, for many of us, become a place where these parts of our lives must coexist.

What does this mean for buyers and sellers?

    For buyers features that were once viewed as welcomed perk, are now becoming major necessities such as;

  • A separate home office away from the hustle and bustle of a busy home.

  • A separate living/ learning/ play area for their kids, or perhaps their significant others depending on the day. (Den, extra bedroom, finished basement, loft, etc.)

  • A large eating area in the kitchen, which in most houses also doubles as the "do all" family hub.

  • Usable outdoor entertaining space for those (hopefully short lived) socially distant gatherings.

  • Plenty of easily accessible storage areas.

    For sellers this brings a bigger demand for their properties with these amenities and even those without. The buyers selling their current homes with all of this to offer are often looking to downsize to simpler homes. Then there are also many renters looking for affordability along with the control of ownership to potentially add as they go. 

This is the time...

    Regardless of your position in the market, it is a great time to be in it. Interest rates are ultra low which makes for better leverage for buyers, the demand for properties in our area is at an all time high, and lets face it... people are spending more to get all of the features they need in a home.

Be well and healthy all of my current, future and past community members. I look forward to servicing you however possible!

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