Top LBI Rental Questions Lets Talk Beach Badges

Dated: 02/10/2020

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So many LBI rentals, so many questions! One of the top questions is...does my Long Beach Island rental include beach badges? 

Your first source for the answer to this question is...the original listing from which you booked the property. Many but not all LBI rentals include beach badges with your rental. This should be mentioned in your listing/lease agreement. If it is not, it's safe to assume badges are not included. If they are not included, no worries...they are easy to purchase WITH CASH direct from the badge checkers on the beach. Important to note...when you check in to your LBI summer rental be sure to immediately count the badges and report to the agent/owner if any are missing so that you are not responsible for the missing ones. Do NOT wait until the day of check out to report missing badges that should have reported upon risk being responsible for the missing badges due to not reporting them missing!

What does "beach badges provided as a courtesy but not guaranteed" mean? It means the beach passes are a bonus, a perk, a courtesy of the owner, not a guarantee. So many times it is impossible to track down when a badge or two went missing therefore they are not guaranteed. LBI weekly passes are some of the most affordable on the east coast at $20 per need to worry!

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