Winterizing That Summer Home

Dated: 11/05/2014

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  Old Man Winter is quickly approaching.  Here are some tips to make sure your summer home is ready for him.

1:  Have a checklist.   Everything that you need to do, and everything that was done.  This way when you are ready to reopen next season, you know exactly what steps to take.
2:  Turn off the water on the exterior.  Frozen and burst pipes are a huge risk.  Water can flow for days and cause a lot of damage.  Open and drain all faucets, toilets, water lines, hot water heater, dish washer and washer.  Blow down the systems with compressed air.  Add an RV type antifreeze to the appropriate systems.
3:  Turn down the thermostat.  Keep the temperature above freezing, but cool enough to avoid wasting energy.
4:  Unplug ALL appliances except those needed for heat.  Clocks, radios etc. should all be unplugged.  No sense keeping them plugged in if there is no one there.
5:  Turn the gas off.  Unless it is needed for heat there is no need for the gas to be left on.  This is also a big safety issue too.
6:  Do a very thorough cleaning of the kitchen.  Make sure all trash and food are taken out.  Don't leave anything that will attract bugs or varmint.  Make sure the refrigerator is clean and prop the doors open to eliminate the potential for mold or odors.
7:  Make sure all outdoor furniture is locked up.
8:  Lock all the doors and the windows.
Hope this helps in making a joyous return next summer.  Stay warm!

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