What Is Your Favorite Jersey Town And Why

Dated: 02/02/2014

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I recently had a potential buyer ask me to “send her houses on the shore.” Usually when people contact me as real estate agent, they are inquiring about houses in a certain town. I read her email again and realized she lived out of state. When I questioned her further she said she wanted something she could rent and maybe near a boardwalk. I started to think. If I just had heard about New Jersey, and never lived or visited before, but wanted to buy a house here, where would I choose to live? Price has a big part to play, but if you don’t know the area, you don’t know the prices. I stopped to think about what people have said to me over the years when looking for a house. Many people had parents who had a house in a certain town like Beach Haven West or Mystic Islands when they were young. Or,   they spent their summers living or renting on LBI, in Beach Haven or Surf City or where ever their friends and family stayed. Lot of times it was their Grandparents who owned the house and they spent every summer through their childhood coming down and swimming in the surf in Ocean City or fishing off the docks in Tuckerton Beach, swimming in a lagoon, or jet-skiing around the bay. They would then be looking in the same area and want a house like that for their kids. Many times they have never been to a certain town, but their friends now summer there and they want to be nearby, a lot of times, buying a house a couple of streets away so they know they are close. What I realized is they come here to create new memories and experiences themselves with their kids so they will have them for a lifetime like they themselves did.  And, I began to remember why I love the towns I do and why. My mother never liked the beach because she could not swim, but she had a good friend who owned and managed the Spray Beach Motor Lodge in Beach Haven when I was young. Her friend would call and my sister and I would beg and beg her until she would take us there. We spent the days with her daughter running between the ocean and the pool and back to the ocean all day. The early evenings were spent building sandcastles or flying kids with the other kids on the beach and watching the sunsets over our shoulders. Sometimes we would get to stay for a week at a time.  As I grew, a few more towns became known to me. My best friend’s father in high school had a summer home in Island Heights, so we spent days on the beach in Seaside or the Island (LBI) and with our newly printed licenses, our nights on the boardwalk in Pt. Pleasant, and when we were really lucky in Asbury Park at the Stone Pony.  When I was in college my sister moved to Ventnor, and with its close proximity to Atlantic City and its fairly new casinos, the beaches were really a hot spot in more ways than one. The casino dealers like my sister would spend all day on the wide flat sandy beaches of Margate and Ventnor, and their nights in the bars and clubs in AC. Because of my sister and her friends, my friends and I always knew the best place on any given night. Ventnor, to this day is one of my favorite places because of its long, non-commercial boardwalk where you can walk or ride a bike for miles, and it has beautiful open vistas of the ocean. Each shore town in Jersey has something unique to offer. What is your favorite town, and why?    

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