Trying Times Ahead

Dated: 09/30/2015

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Economic uncertainty continues to be at the forefront with the stock market leading the way. The market seems to swing by the hour and I am convinced that no one really has a clue. The Fed seems lost and now there appears to be a fair amount of dissension within the Board in terms of what to do next with regards to a rate hike. Just do it and let the free markets sort it out. Are we getting the truth out of China about their economy? How shaky and fragile is Europe? Is South America the next issue? What is the ultimate impact on the economy with low oil prices? The situation in the Middle East continues to worsen and now the Russians are there. So where is the good news? HOME PRICES ARE APPRECIATING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. So where do you want to be putting your money these days. Seems like a no brainer to me at this point in time. Rates will no doubt increase in the next few months, so what are you waiting for? the formula seems to be pretty clear.

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