Toddler And Keys

Dated: 07/02/2014

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Car keys have a transponder. Did you know that? The transponder in the key connects to the car's computer. Did you know that? So even if you have the key, your car won't start. Did you know that? If your toddler drops your keys, your transponder can fall out and get lost. Did you know that? If you call RACQ the only thing they can do is help you look for it. Did you know that? The guy walks around Spotlight with a tiny flashlight trying to find the "matte black triangle the size of a tic-tac" in the button aisle for 15 minutes. The toddler who broke the key understands something is lost so tries to be helpful and look too. But keeps picking up stray buttons instead and leading you towards anything colourful. The RACQ man thinks the toddler might know where he dropped the transponder and follows him all over Spotlight. The RACQ man is stupid. Did you know that? Eventually the RACQ man gives up following the clueless toddler, drives us home to get the spare key, then drives us back to Spotlight. The car starts straight away. But you knew that would happen didn't you...
Thanks, Michelle

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