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Everyone looking to sell a home thinks of it as a presentation, but that presentation can be a reflection of one’s own tastes, personal preferences, and accumulation of life experiences. That is not what the seller, trying-to-picture-your home-as-their-home, wants to see. In other words, one needs to “neutralize” the selling environment. Here are ten things, that if not done, can really turn off buyers. Not sure where to begin? Review this list and give me a call.

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1)    The walls and trim should be washed down and repainted if necessary. Fingerprints on white trim and linen eggshell walls, while reality in a busy home, are not something a prospective buyer should see.

2)    Arrange all toys, clothes, and miscellaneous in bins or cartons so that storage looks simple and easy. No kid clutter.

3)    The kitchen should be spotless with nothing on the counters. One wants to convey space and order.

4)    The bathroom sinks and toilet should be scrubbed clean. Put personal toiletries away out of sight and put out decorative wrapped bars of soap which will provide a nice appearance and pleasant smell.

5)    Carpets should be cleaned to remove odors and stains. Replace if necessary. The same applies to upholstered furniture.

6)    Stage your home to convey a sense of space. A good rule of thumb is to stow away one third of your furniture. Ask yourself how to remove one out of every three pieces of furniture because no one uses all of it all of the time.

7)    Do you have an attic or basement? Buyers look at these areas as bonus space. Make them clean, well lit, and free of clutter. Items such as grandmother’s Christmas decorations and your father’s childhood train set convey a sense of age to the home. Best to store these items in a storage unit with one third of your furniture while the house is for sale.

8)    The house exterior should be pressure washed to remove any moss or growth. Paint where necessary and give the shutters a fresh coat of paint as well. How about the front door? It’s the portal to the home’s interior and should be clean and painted if necessary. Consider a new doorbell or doorknocker.

9)    Landscaping should be fresh and sharp. The yard should be raked, bushes trimmed, beds edged and mulched. Curb appeal is everything. Stand out at the street and see what the arriving potential buyer sees. Remove dying and overgrown bushes. Dress things up!

10)    Have a pool? Scrub it and power wash the decking. Remove furniture and stow away pool maintenance equipment. Convey space and ease.

Selling a home requires one to create an environment whereby the buyer can place themselves in your home. A buyer has to be able to “see” your home become his (or hers). So take down the yellowing photographs of yesteryear and declutter generations of furniture. Selling a home is hard enough on the soul. Don’t drag it out and sell yourself short. These simple rules will help me to help you. Want more ideas on how to get the most money for your home? Give me a ring or shoot me a quick email! I make house calls - get it!

From your “Running Realtor” Andrew Gonzales….

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