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Dated: 02/14/2016

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As I begin, I must point out that the current air temperature is in the mid-teens with a wind chill factor of below zero. This is just to say that I am cold and cranky, which might create an edge to my writing. Enough of the weather report. 

 As a somewhat interested observer of the politic scene, I am at my point of saturation already. The nonstop coverage and opinions (and you know what they say about opinions) I feel are over the top and could possibly sway some voters. Let me bring in the football aspect. I predicted last month that New England would face Carolina in the Super Bowl. That was when the 4 teams remained. As it turned out Denver played Carolina and won the game. If you looked at the statistics, listened to the talking heads and what the odds on the game were, you would say why even play, Carolina will win. Well, as we saw, that’s why they play the game. Who would have guessed that the Broncos defense would have a repeat performance on stopping the star quarterback? 

Getting back to politics, I would recommend to let the debates happen and let  the people vote, then TV and radio folks can have one hour to report on the outcome and give any opinions they have. On the Democrat side, I feel that it was a huge mistake for Joe Biden not to run. I don’t think we are seeing the kind of testing that is needed to find out as much as possible about the candidates. On the Republican side, they say that iron sharpens iron. At the end of the process I don’t know if this will be true or the eventual winner will come out like ground meat. A lot is at stake this year. Be careful of where you get your information and how much you absorb. Don’t be fooled into having other people’s opinions impact your convictions. 

Congrats to Payton Manning and the Broncos  

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