Plentiful Pinnipeds On LBI

Dated: 02/23/2015

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This winter more than ever we are hearing about basking seals. In Brant Beach, down in Holgate and now taking over floating docks along the bay side. The plenty of pinnipeds, has even been commented on and now photographed in our Sandpaper, courtesy of Jay Mann and Tim Brindley. If you come upon on while you are out having a stroll, remember; do not approach or touch. As they dry in the sun they begin to look all fuzzy and chubby and just like rolly polly pals, but they are still wild. And really, if you were having a nap in the sun would you want some creature sneak up on you and try and rub your belly. Of course if you see a seal and it looks like it is in trouble, like as in face down or some form of distress; call the Marine Mammal Stranding Center 609-266-0538. Most of all a good seal nap could be for as long as 8 hours, especially if they have landed on a spot that give them full sun, so don't worry if you seem them on the way back, just turned a little; you know, to get the one tan line right. Make sure to check in with READINGS FROM THE NORTHSIDE for the most update pictures of life on LBI. This year's pictures of plovers and other wintering is breath taking.

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