Not Having A Long Beach Island Real Estate Agent In This Market Can Leave You Adrift In Choppy Seas

Dated: 02/12/2014

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According to a 2012 study done by the National Association of Realtors, 90% of home buyers first do their research for a home online. In this age of fast-paced technology where everything is literally at our fingertips, the question that gets asked is...Why do I need a Realtor? 

The truth is, there are still answers that only a Realtor can provide, especially if buying a post-Sandy home on Long Beach Island. 
* Considering buying a Sandy-damaged oceanfront property? Do you feel confident to navigate the CAFRA process? Do you know what CAFRA stands for? 
* Thinking about investing in a duplex or condo? What are the current market values and is this even a good time to invest? 
* Want to sell your home? How can you sell it quickly and for the best price in the midst of all the new construction on LBI?
*Have an investment property you would like to rent but not sure what the weekly rates should be? 
A Realtor can answer these questions and many more. We are captains of our industry--charting the course for your real estate success! 
Whether buying, selling or renting--here are five characteristics to look for when looking for an agent:
1.  Honest: Not all properties are "perfect" for you. A good agent will always guide you with your best interest in mind. 
2. Technology-Savvy: Technology isn't a choice anymore. 
3. Reliable: The agent says what they are going to do...and then does it with positive results. 
4. A Good Listener: No sense working with someone who has their own agenda. 
5. Knowledgeable: A good agent knows their market inside and out as well as the intricacies of contract negotiations to get you the best      deal. 
 Real estate is the single-most largest investment of your life. Real estate transactions can be very difficult and confusing. You deserve the best real estate agent for your needs. Be choosy, don't settle for less! 

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