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Dated: 12/30/2012

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I made the switch and I'm no longer an Apple user. Yes, that's right no more IPhone, Ipad or IPod, but I still need ITunes :-). I love music and the Windows Lumia 920 plays music, and its very easy to use with ITunes too.

My position as a realtor requires me to open lockboxes (the electronic box that holds the keys) and there was an "app for that", just like everything else. I felt like Apple hade me tied to using their devices only. I'm not against their products, I think their genuis, I just want to be open to all devices.

So the Lumia 920 has many features for business like Microsoft Office 360, which is Word, Excel, Powerpoint. It snyc's with Outlook, Facebook, Hotmail and many others. It uses Internet Explorer, rather than Safari. The screen is much larger than the IPhone. The camera takes excellent photos, and it has a built in flash.

Windows offers many apps like all the other phone makers and I'm pleased with the phone. It is just as good if not better than its competitors and with it being windows based it more office friendly, which was the reason the for the switch.

Sorry Apple nothing personal, it's just business!

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