NCAA Basketball Final Four And Then There Was One

Dated: 04/01/2016

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Well the Final Four are set for both the men’s and women’s college basketball. This year an interesting thing has happened in both brackets, only one number one seed has advanced. This was predicted early on soon after the selections were made. While there have been the usual upsets and bracket busters already, usually by this point there is sense of who is the dominate team and expected to win it all. This year seems to be different.

We’ll start on the men’s side. Number 2 ranked Villanova will face number 2 ranked Oklahoma and number 1 ranked North Carolina will face 10th ranked Syracuse. The games will be held on Saturday April 2nd with Villanova vs Oklahoma at 6:09 and North Carolina vs Syracuse at 8:49. The winners will face each other on Monday April 4th to determine the champion. Who will that be? I’m glad you asked, I love going out on a limb and making predictions. Some of my prior ones have been spot on.  I’m going with Villanova over Oklahoma and North Carolina over Syracuse, with North Carolina taking it all.

As far as the women go, the games should be close as well. Number 1 University of Connecticut (U Conn) will take on number 2 Oregon State and number 4 Syracuse will play number 7 Washington. The first game will be held on Sunday April 3rd at 6PM with the second game beginning at 8:30. The championship game will be played on Tuesday April 5th. I haven’t watched as much of the women’s games as I have the men’s so this might be a little tougher to determine but I’ll go for it any way. I say U Conn will face Syracuse and the winner will be U Conn again.

Hopefully, they’ll be good games with no injuries. As far as TV stations, check your local listings. If I’m right you can say you heard it from me, if I’m wrong, as we say in NJ forget about it. Happy watching.

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