Millennials Are The BUSINESS NOW Generation

Dated: 03/31/2016

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Always ask your clients which way they prefer to communicate with you.  Whether it be by phone, texting, or email, let them decide.   This is crucial in the real estate market today.

The millennials  have changed the way business is conducted  by using sites like Snapshot  & Instagram.  They also love to text!................They  dislike getting an email or a voice mail.  The millennials are your "business now" generation.

Making things easier for them will go a long way by communicating the way they desire!

They want to do business as if they were sitting in your office.  Give them all the information they need electronically.  If you're showing them a house and they seem interested, find some comps on your phone and show them right there.   That's what they like!

Digital signatures, online documentation, transaction management are services you can provide that are secure and your millennials will love it  

Skype, GoToMeetings and google allow you to meet with your clients and talk to them about the process and the paperwork involved with a real estate transaction.  Learn how to use these tools.  

Your clients want these services because it makes it much easier and convenient for them.  The transaction can be executed electronically and paperless.

Think about how happy your clients will be when you offer these services!  If you don't someone else may!

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