Mid Summer update from LBI

Dated: 08/04/2012

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*this was originally posted to the Van Dyk Group Blog Page at http://www.vandykgroupblog.com/ on Aug 3, 2012.


Well, we have one month to go until Labor Day Weekend.  Isn't it amazing how much time seems to fly by quicker each year?

It has been a very busy on LBI this summer, and things seem to be going very smoothly.  Our Rental Dept, of course, has had their share of issues to take care of, but nothing major has happened so far this year.  I will continue to hold my breathe though, as I remember saying the same thing last year around this time and then we were hit with security deposit hold issues (still unresolved),and then a visit from Hurricane Irene later on in August.  So we continue to take the good with the bad in the Rental Dept.

Storm approaches LBI early in July

The weather has been hot and humid, but what else should we expect in the summer? Oceanbreezes and warm water temps help to ease these "issues".  But with these kinds of conditions, comes the possibility of sever weather.  We have all ready seem more than a few sever thunderstorms throughout New Jersey, even some of the shore towns were hit earlier in July. We managed to dodge a few bullets on LBI recently, but we can not stress enough how important it is to be aware of weather conditions, because they can change very fast.

Usually the first week in August you start to hear some grumblings from people who start the countdown to Labor Day Weekend the quieter times that lie ahead in the Fall.   While we are never ones to complain about the crowds, because let's be honest, they are the ones keeping the Island alive, the crowds will continue to be around, especially on the weekends, in Sept and Oct.  These are my two favorite months on LBI, because there is something going on every weekend, culminating with my favorite weekend of the year, Chowderfest!  In fact, one of my first blog posts I ever wrote was about Chowderfest Weekend.  You can read it here if you're interested. For all of the info on Chowderfest, you can also visit the official website.

We will also give updates on the other different events that take place in the Fall, so be sure and check back!

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer!


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