Idle Thoughts of an Amateur Coffee Snob

Dated: 11/14/2012

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I have been drinking coffee for many years, too many to count, but have just started my quest for a truly great cup.  Americans are notorious for brewing bad coffee, remember the percolator?  You can still get that bad cup at many local gatherings.  The problem comes from constantly reheating the water and passing it through the ground beans.  This only makes the coffee bitter and taste burnt. 

Most people use the drip method at home today.  This can make a good cup if you turn off the hot plate under the carafe.  Keeping heat on it makes it taste and appear muddy.  Some high end coffee makers now have the heating element under the pot turn off after the coffee is made.  Also, the paper filter tends to remove some of the best flavor.

“K-Cups” are big today.  They have gotten better.  I finally got one, really 2, and found if you buy the high end beans it makes a pretty good cup, and fast. has some good sales and customer reviews on their offerings. 

The French Press is becoming popular again.  It is also inexpensive and makes a very good cup.  It might take you awhile to get used to.  With no paper filter all the flavor and oils in the beans go right to the cup.  Try it at a friend’s or coffee bar before buying it.  And remember, don’t use boiling water, around 200 degrees is best. 

A “new” method that has some people talking is the pour through.  It makes a single cup and is really inexpensive.  Once again it does use a paper filter.  It has been around for a long time but just got re-discovered. 

Time for me to have my afternoon cup.  Maybe I will share my ideas on selecting the right beans, grind, and roast later.

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