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 So you say you want to kick up that Chili or favorite spicy dish a notch!  According to the Scoville Scale, a scale which measures the amount of capsaicinoids (Capsaicin is the compound which gives peppers their heat), the following lists the mildest pepper right down to the devil's spit itself!

0. Sweet Bells, Sweet Banana and Pimento-  Not even noticeable on the  Scoville Scale
1. Cherry, Mexi Bells, New Mexicana, El Paso, Peperonicini= 100-1000 Scoville Units
2. Coronado, Mumex Big Jim, Sangria, Anaheim= 1000-1500 Scoville Units
3. Pasilla, Mulato, Ancho, Poblano, Espanola, Pulla= 1500-2000 Scoville Units
4. Rocotillo-=2500-5000 Scoville Units
5. Yellow Wax, Serrano, Jalapeno, Guajillo, Mirasol= 5000-15000 Scoville Units
6. Hidalgo, Puya, Hot Wax, Chipotle= 15000-30000 Scoville Units
7. Chile De Arbol, Manzano= 30000-50000 Scoville Units
8. Santaka, Pequin, Super Chili Cayenne, Tobasco, Aji, Jaloro= 50000-100000 Scoville Scale
9. Bohemian, Tabiche, Tepin, Haimen, Chiltepin, Thai, Yatsufusa= 100000-350000
10. Red Savina Habanero, Chocolate Habanero, Indian Tezpur, Scotch Bonnet, Orange Habanero, Fatali, Devils Tongue, Kumataka, Datil, Birds Eye, Jamaican Hot=
350000-855000 Scoville Units

And the peppers that probably should not even be considered for human consumption.......
11. Ghost pepper AKA Bhut Jolokai, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion(a WHOPPING 2.1 MILLION SCOVILLE UNITS)=855000-2.1 MILLION Scoville Units

Always remember, when using some of these peppers in your recipes, a little can go a long way!

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