Barnegat High School ranks high in test scores

Dated: 10/22/2011

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A new examination of school testing data conducted by Inside Jersey, the Star-Ledger’s accompanying magazine, ranks Barnegat High School near the top in its income group for test scores.

Says the magazine,

We took the scores for math and language from the New Jersey Department of Education’s latest High School Proficiency Assessment 2009-10 School Report Card, released in February.

These tests have three grades: Fail (labeled “partially proficient”), just pass (“proficient”) and sailed through (“advanced proficient”).

We added up the two passing grades and weighted “advanced proficient,” giving it a 50 percent bonus. Then, we got the composite Inside Jersey score by adding the math and language results together. Next we grouped all districts by economic class. Again, the state DOE did the heavy lifting, crunching census, tax and economic data to arrive at District Factor Groups (DFGs). They range from A to J, starting with the poorest districts, such as Newark and Camden (A), to the richest, such as Millburn and the Chathams (J).

Finally, just so you can really settle some scores on that braggart’s playground that we call the real estate market, we pulled in the latest Census survey data on median housing value so you can see what houses cost in each district.

The analysis offers a comparison that aims to look at quality independent of financial factors – who’s doing a better job with about the same amount of money?

According to the results, Barnegat High School is beating out all but one of the 30 other New Jersey schools in its district factor group, the third-lowest bracket.

Barnegat Board of Education President Lisa Becker said the district is proud that its relatively young high school is performing so well among similar schools.

“It’s had its hiccups like any other new school,” she said, “and the teachers have done remarkably well to meet the standards, and they’re growing. Training has paid off, and the students are the ones that are benefitting.”

The favorable ranking reflects well on the community, said Becker.

“Despite all our idiosyncrasies in Barnegat, I think we provide a good education,” she said. “It’s a good community to live in.”

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